Background Music that works for your gym

The leading Background Music Provider for your business in GCC

100 million songs licensed for gyms

The most music for the best playlists. Create your own or pick from 1,000+.

Playlists and stations designed for you

Soundtrack playlists built for gyms. Thousands of artist playlists and custom stations

Scheduling and other business features

So you can focus on running the gym, not managing the music.

Your Customers care about the music. So should you.


notice the background music in gyms


think it’s important for a gym to play music


stay longer in a business when they like the music

Our Sample Playlist

Music sets the tone for the entire gym experience

Music to motivate and inspire

Your gym is more than a place where your members work out. It’s where they escape the monotony of the week, where they strengthen their minds as well as their bodies, and where they find their community. Music inspires and motivates them from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave.

The right music for each member

Older members might not like thumping electronic and hard rock, but play soft hits for your powerlifters and they’ll riot. So, schedule different playlists to target each group at different times – the right music service for gyms helps you do this

The right music for each space

The experience doesn’t stop in the main workout area. Locker rooms are where members get into the right mindset before training and cool down afterward, and the lobby and social areas are where members strengthen their friendships. The right music improves every stage of the visit. And having the right licenses to play music in your gym gives you peace of mind.

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